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A brief history of the brand Divetta ®
Year 2007
- The Divetta brand has entered the Czech market. The first products were LED lights. The first series of compact fluorescent lamps followed. Already in this series is the T2 Spiral, the first of its kind in Europe. A trademark of Divetta® was registered.
Year 2010 - All models are filled with amalgam and are in Energy Class A. The series production of the T5 Spiral 100W was launched. Trademark Divetta ® is registered in all countries of the European Union.
Year 2011 - The production is expanded by a full range of T8 and T5 fluorescent tubes. The newly developed three-band powder Triolux allows excellent color rendering and high light output. The production of LED strips is underway. Trend is aimed at diminishing dimensions and increasing efficiency.
Year 2015 - There is a gradual decline of production of compact fluorescent lamps and expanding range of LED.
Rok 2018 - The product range is extended with batteries.
We offer a complete service for imports from China.
I trade with China since year 2001. In recent years I have visited production facilities of several dozen companies. I have acted with more than a hundred exhibitors at the fairs in Shanghai, Chengdu, Hong Kong and Guangzhou (Canton). I have many personal contacts in China, especially in the Zheijang and Dongguang provinces. In addition to importing light sources with my own brand or with some of my customers' brands, I have facilitated the import of various other products for a wide range of Czech companies. These were, for example, textiles, jewelery, data media, batteries, energy meters and others. I regularly attend meetings with Chinese business delegations organized by the Confederation of Industry and Transport, the Chamber of Commerce, the Governance Institute and the Hong Kong Trade Developement Council.

Radek Klabal

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