Hybrid Photovoltaic Inverter PCS 50KT

Inverter PCS 250KT
Connection diagram
Connection diagram
High power bi-directional AC/DC inverter for electrical energy storage uses multilevel T-technology for 99% efficiency of transformer, active power control, reactive compensation and high/low voltage pass-through. It is resistant to short circuit, DC reverse polarity, overvoltage and currennt overload. It is resistant to short circuit, DC reverse polarity, overvoltage and current overload. It supports three-phase operation in symmetrical and asymmetrical systems.
Dimensions:1200×800×2050 mm
Weight:1650 kg
Ambient temperature / relative humidity:-25~50°C / 0~95%Rh
Maximum altitude:6000 m
Noise emission:< 65 dB
Stand-by power consumption:< 50 W
Maximum efficiency:97.4%
Displaytouch screen
Communication protocolModbus TCP, Modbus RTU, CAN 2.0B
EMS communication port:RS485, Ethernet, CAN
AC side - grid
Maximum apparent power:275 kVA
Rated power:250 kW
Maximum current:360 A
Rated voltage:400 V ± 10%
Frequency:50/60 Hz ± 10%
Power factor:0.9
THDi (output):< 3%
THDu:< 2% linear
Off-grid overload capability:110% - 10 min, 120% - 1 min
Connection:3×L + N
DC side - Solar and Battery
Maximum open circuit voltage:1000 V
Maximum PV power:375 kWp
Battery voltage range:550~800 V
Maximum charging power:375 kW
Maximum discharging power:275 kW
Maximum charging current:750 A
Maximum discharging current:780 A
Compatible battery types:lithium-ion
Switching time<10 ms
Compliance with the standards, directives and regulations
EN50549‑1, G98, G83, G59, AS4777.2:2015, VDE0126‑1‑1, VDE‑AR‑N4105, CEI 0‑21, IEC62109‑1/‑2, IEC62040‑1, EN61000‑6‑1, EN61000‑6‑2, EN61000‑6‑3
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