Fluorescent tubes Triolux for general lighting
... for general lighting
      1. The patented tri-band powder Triolux allows to achieve an excellent color rendering index Ra ≥ 90 and increases efficiency. They can be used for demanding lighting applications and wherever it is necessary to recognize the colors well. a zároveň zvyšuje účinnost.
Fluorescent tubes TH–Lux for general lighting
... for general lighting
      1. The TH-Lux powder has been developed to meet the color rendering index requirement of better than 80, even at low production costs. Fluorescent tubes with this phosphor are suitable for all common general lighting applications.
Fluorescent tubes Standard
... for emergency and orientation lighting
      1. Fluorescent tubes Divetta Standard are intended for emergency lighting or backlighting of orientation light boards or for other less demanding applications, where the color rendering index is sufficient Ra ≥ 76 and lower luminous flux.
Fluorescent tubes Germicidal UVC for disinfection and sterilization
Germicidal UVC
... for disinfection and sterilization
      1. Fluorescent tubes Germicidal UVC for disinfection and sterilization.
Fluorescent tubes UVB for solariums
... for solariums
      1. UVB radiation has positive effects on the physiology of the human body and promotes natural photochemical reactions in the skin. Divetta UVB fluorescent tubes can help alleviate skin problems and in places where there is a lack of direct sunshine. They are primarily intended for solariums, but they can also be used in medical and spa care, or in households
Fluorescent tubes Photocatalyst
... for curing and polymerisation
      1. Photocatalyst fluorescent tubes emit UVA radiation at 368 nm supplemented by a UVC component of 254 nm. They are intended for the curing of technical resins and adhesives, for the polymerization of plastics, varnishes and paints, for the curing of gel nails or as a source of UV radiation in the production of PCB.
Fluorescent tubes HG–Bios for aquariums and terrariums
... for aquariums and terrariums
      1. The spectral composition of HG–Bios fluorescent is similar to midday sunshine and favorably affects photobiological processes and promotes plant growth. The emitted UV component helps the production of vitamin D3 in animal organisms.
Fluorescent tubes Plant
... for growing plants
      1. Plant fluorescent tubes have accentuated blue and red part of the spectrum, which is ideal for plant growth. The energy of the emitted radiation is consistent with the curve of photosynthetic efficiency. They are especially suitable for growing plants in areas with lack of natural light.
Fluorescent tubes Coral Blue
Coral Blue
... for deep aquariums
      1. Fluorescent tubes Coral-Blue simulate the blue light of the marine environment. The shortwave components of light easily penetrate to greater depths and effectively create the formation of the actin protein in the cells of organisms.
Fluorescent tubes Mosquito
... for insect killers
      1. Fluorescent tubes Divetta Mosquito emit concentrated UVA radiation with a wavelength of 368 nm. This light attracts flying insects very well, while it is not dangerous to the human organism.
Fluorescent tubes Blacklight Blue
Blacklight Blue
... for analysis, detection and special effects
      1. Fluorescent tubes emit long-wave UVA radiation. Black glass retains the shorter wavelength spectrum and transmits only UVA rays. They are intended for various types of analysis and special applications in photochemistry, graphics, photomedicine and photobiology or for decorative purposes.
Linear fluorescent tubes have very high lumen per watt and low consumption of energy. That is why, they come to be mostly used luminous sources in the whole world. The typical application is lighting in a stores, shops, offices, factory buildings, hospitals, hallways of public buildings and others. The luminescent powder changes ultraviolet radiation to visible light and it designates spectral distribution and resultant color of emitted illumination. Modern technologies make possible to reach of excellent color rendering index not only for various tone of white, but they also enable to choose any other color or to create luminance for different special purposes as is aquarium, terrarium, plant growing, disinfection etc. Own laboratory allows to mix triphosphor in any shade of white according to customer requirements in the range of 2500K to 10000K and color rendering index from the Ra=60 to Ra≥98. The development trend goes to smaller and smaller tube diameter, because it is generally true: smaller diameter, higher efficiency. The most used tubes T8 with 26 mm diameter have 60‑95 lm/W, however tubes T5 with 16 mm diameter can reach 90‑100 lm/W.
Light Sources - Technical Data Sheets

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