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T2 Spiral

5 products:
11W - 26W
Slim Full Spiral

3 products:
  7W - 9W
Compact Reflector

2 products: 7W

3 products:
  5W - 9W

5 products:
 9W - 20W

2 products:
15W - 20W
Divetta fluorescent lamps with built-in ballast have wide range of application in households, public and commercial spaces and they are also suitable for outdoor lighting. We are using high level of technological developing. The main advantages of Divetta lamps are high efficiency, quick and flicker-free start, short time to full shine and flicker-free operating. Very important attribute is Color Rendering Index, it is the dominant factor of quality of lighting. Three band powder technology enables to reach excellent Ra > 80.

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