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I trade with China since year 2001. In recent years I have visited production facilities of several dozen companies. I have acted with more than a hundred exhibitors at the fairs in Shanghai, Chengdu, Hong Kong and Guangzhou (Canton). I have many personal contacts in China, especially in the Zheijang and Dongguang provinces. In addition to importing light sources with my own brand or with some of my customers' brands, I have facilitated the import of various other products for a wide range of Czech companies. These were, for example, textiles, jewelery, data media, batteries, energy meters and others. I regularly attend meetings with Chinese business delegations organized by the Confederation of Industry and Transport, the Chamber of Commerce, the Governance Institute and the Hong Kong Trade Developement Council.

Radek Klabal

We provide complete services in trading with China

  • Finding suitable partners who produce the desired products, and comparing the offer.
  • Checking a selected business partner. **)
  • Contacting a selected business partner and helping to negotiate a contract.
  • Price calculation of the final price including shipping, duty and all statutory charges.
  • Escorts during a personal visit to potential business partners and major trade fairs.
  • Mediation of sponsored participation in major trade fairs for Czech exhibitors. *)
  • Mediation of sponsored participation at major trade fairs for Czech visitors. *)
  • Acquisition of visas, air tickets and accommodation.
  • Translation of technical documentation into the Chinese language. *)
  • Supervision during production and loading of goods in China. **)
  • Forwarding and customs services. Sea transport by collecting containers and fully loaded container, air transport. *)
  • Acquisition of documents for transport and customs clearance.
  • Forwarding and customs services. Sea cargo by collection containers and full-container shipments, air cargo. *)
  • Legal services in commercial contracts under Chinese law and dispute resolution in the Chinese courts. *)
  • Help and advice when opening an office in China and establishing a joint venture company in China and Hong Kong. The establishment of a joint venture company in Hong Kong is very quick and cheap. Establishing a joint-venture company in China is very time consuming and expensive, also the company's operations are very expensive. *)
  • Service related to the patent protection of Czech products and technologies in China. If the product is not patented in China, is a high probability that it will sooner or later be copied, because foreign patents in China are not respected. If the product is patented in China, then the probability of copying is practically zero, because the penalties for infringement of Chinese patent rights are very strict. *)

You can choose any of the services offered separately or order a complete service.
*)  Services are provided in cooperation with our long-time business partners
**) Services are provided personaly or in cooperation with our long-time business partners

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