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The main production program is the manufacturing of linear fluorescent tubes and compact fluorescent lamps with built-in ballast. Our priority is maximum efficiency and high operational reliability. Depending on the luminophor can be achieved various spectral composition of the emitted light, various light output and color rendering index. Significant successes in the development of luminescent allowed to construct a highly efficient light sources with very good quality emitted light. Further development of the electronics enables to realize operation with high frequency, optimize the electrical discharge and bring to market a new generation of lamps with luminous efficacy more than 93lm/W and excellent color rendering index Ra = 90.
The dynamically developing progressive LED technology extends the application possibilities for applications where as yet dominate discharge light sources.

We have only limited quantity of products on the stock. List is
. Non-listed products are on request only. Ask us for information about MQO, delivery and payment terms by mail

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